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Meet Chef Bob


Meet Chef Bob

What do I love the most about cooking?  Everything!  I love taking an idea for combining great flavors using fresh ingredients and making it come alive in food that you will remember.  I love the reaction and smiles that people get when they taste something fresh and different.  The greatest compliment I can receive as a chef is that you can taste the passion in my creations.

My love of food began early as a child when cooking with my Grandma Irene.  She instilled an appreciation in me for the entire process of cooking from selecting the right ingredients, hand mixing it together and of course…. the Taste.  The taste and flavor always had to be just right!  Every holiday, I bake cookies with my daughters, Ashlyn and Lilah, using grandma’s recipe.  Their favorite part is the tasting, of course!

My family was my biggest supporters of my love of cooking.  During high school, I worked in kitchens and knew that was what I wanted to do with my life.  My Dad encouraged me to pursue a Culinary degree at Johnson and Wales from which I gained an even greater appreciation for the true art of cooking.

After obtaining my degree at Johnson & Wales,  I feel fortunate to have had some amazing opportunities as the head of Culinary Research and Development for well-known restaurant chains – Ground Round, TGIFriday’s and Max & Erma’s.  All of these taught me the importance of creating dishes with a wide appeal that could be replicated across the country.

As much as I enjoyed my experiences in the large restaurant companies, I have found my home with Fat Cat Food Truck.  It has brought me back to my roots of cooking instilled by my Grandma Irene, my instructors at Johnson and Wales and all my other life experiences.  I feel I have the greatest job getting to create food for you that would make Grandma proud.  I have selected fresh ingredients, great flavors, mixed it together by hand and I will always strive to make sure the taste is just right for you!

  Chef Bob Davis

Please give us any suggestions or feedback because we want to make the experience something you will remember and come back to time and time again!


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